Let's Start

HI! I'm a 13 year old girl. I'm inspired by many things and people. I may even call things Artsy [thats because they actually are]. Anyway, you might be thinking why i'm starting a blog, well i really want to be an author or a journalist, really i just want to study english then i can do anything with that. This is how it began...

Family and friends would always ask me what i wanted to do when i was older and i said i just wated to study english and from that I can do anything i wanted. Then suddenly they would tell me to start a blog or some type of website and i was like yeah i should. Then it took me a while to think about what to do on my blog and i just thought to do things in life of a young girl.

I never got round to it until now, I told my parents but all the websites i tried were not for free so i couldn't do it. Until now. If this blog contains adds then i'm sorry i had to go with the free option. 

I also want to make sure this blog becomes famous for younger children as i want every young child or teen to be inspired by writing. So, if you please kindly forward this to anyone you know that will be intrested in reading this. Thank you xxx

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for.... My Topic for my Blog. This also took me forever to think of but my head got round to it ,eventually. If you took notice to my title it is called 'Its all in the mind' this is because imagination comes from the mind; i want this blog to be about famous english literature people, so i will be posting alot of poems or writing maybe my own pieces of writing. Quotes will also be added.

I will be posting whenever I can. (Hopefully)

 So i hope you will enjoy my blog and wont get bored reading. I will make sure your smiles will never fade away Cool .


-Noush Xx (Anoushay Dar)